Got questions about the Virtual Edition of the Expo? Find  answers about what a virtual event is, minimum technical requirements, and what you can do at the Expo!

What is a Virtual Event and How does it Work?
  • The virtual EXPO will work much like the regular one does but without the travel, sore feet and convention food. There will still be a “virtual hall” with Exhibitor booths where you can see and speak live to your regular customers. You can interact directly with customers and/or link them directly to your eBay store or website. Buy, sell or trade directly at the Virtual EXPO.
  • The Virtual EXPO will work on a web-enabled platform that you can access from any device (smartphone or computer) with no app to download – you just need a computer with a web cam, a mic and your collection!

How to register and navigate through the Platform – Watch Video

What Can I do at the Virtual Edition of the Expo?

Buy, Sell and Trade

Buy, Sell and Trade on the spot by video or chat from the comfort fo your own home or store. Attendees can enjoy the benefits of a face-to-face contact with dealer booths across the USA and Canada with a direct link to their eBay store or website.


Experience Guest Q&A’s, Case Break Auctions and More on the Main Stage!

Participate directly with guests as they appear on the Main Stage. Watch case break auctions and interact with guests online at the Expo!


Connect with Other Sports Fans Across the Country!

Chat with friends or make new ones while trading with other sports memorabilia fans across the USA and Canada. 


What are the Technical Requirements?

Below you can see a list of browsers the virtual event is compatible with. We usually recommend attending the event through your laptop/pc as we don’t guarantee it will work on mobile.

Note: requires recent versions of Chrome and Firefox, and Safari 11 or greater.


Chrome Edge Firefox Safari
iOS * *